Our Mission

For a select group of small and mid-sized, high quality South African Wine producers, our primary objective is to build brand recognition and market presence. This will facilitate the extension the sales of the portfolio products to new and exciting trade and retail customers.
Marketing Services
Sales Services

Creation, publishing and distribution of a product/ portfolio marketing brochure


Attendance at trade shows


Development of periodic product promotions

Portfolio tastings

Detailed and regulary marketing status communication with winery

Carry out the marketing and sales policy requirements of the winery concerning the marketing and sale of the products and the relationships with existing and potential customers.


New products, label and vintage data communication with customer.


Retail product listing and sales on online stores

Introduction and initial supply of new products.


Ongoing pricing analysis and feedback to the winery


Product support and first point of contact


Logistical support


Processing of orders and communication to the winery the details order terms and conditions as required by the customer.


UK / EU Stock monitoring and volume planning process input


Product Shipping admin (communication with winery iro when and where orders are to be shipped)


Assistance with local agencies such as HMRC, Trading and Food standards


Trade and sustainability code of practice in place.  

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